He made this revelation via his Twitter handle where Nigerians have so far flooded with their various views and opinions.

The nature of relationships in Nigeria has quite swerved heated following how many ladies has digested the fact that men should pay for love and submission.

Madu who has been living in the different phases of life outlined that he has never dated any money-tasty woman in his entire dating life.

However, a Twitter Tweep who was enraged by the monetary motive that modern women had for focusing on men was the catalyst for this revelation.

He stated:

“Nigerian men are excessively liberal and we have made thankless rapscallions. You may be mocked for sending them a small sum of money because they expect other men to send more, not because they typically have more or receive that amount from home. a pandemic,” Wizarab wrote on Twitter.

Madu responded by saying that he weighs vocations and wealth before getting involved in a relationship.

He stated:

“I have never dated any “send cash” somewhat woman. Most of the women I meet are fine on their own. And, typically, more prosperous. Additionally, I never present myself as something I am not.