The British-Nigerian singer Moelogo has talked about how he considered suicide after receiving a bogus accusation in the UK.
He claimed that before to the incident, he believed suicide victims to be weak.
The musician claimed that friends stopped him from ending his life in a recent interview with Cool FM, Lagos.

Before it occurred to me, Moelogo stated, “I used to think people who commit suicide were weak.” Then I understood that everybody may experience it; it doesn’t matter if you are powerful. I had never felt like, “What’s the point?” until that moment. I just wanted to say how appreciative I am that there were at least two persons in my immediate vicinity that helped me realize that there was a purpose for me being here. Rest assured,This will pass. And I give God praise because I had proof of the charges they were attempting to bring against me. One of their family members provided audio evidence, which served as the proof. I broke down in tears as I heard my buddies plotting what they were going to do. It was absurd. The audio proof was what kept me out of trouble with the cops.
He claimed that because they believed he was wealthy, his buddies, with whom he had been acquainted for more than ten years, attempted to blackmail him and demand money.
He claimed that the experience almost made him give up on helping others.

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