Exte C ft China Charmeleon – She Says

Exte C, a well-known singer-songwriter from South Africa, has just made a brand-new song called “She Says” available. Exte C’s latest single of the year, following a run of previously released songs, is this engaging song.

One of the best songs on Exte C’s much awaited album, “SHANNY,” is “She Says.” With its fascinating melodies and sentimental lyrics, the song captivates listeners and displays Exte C’s extraordinary talent and distinctive musical style.

An award-winning musician named China Charmeleon collaborates with Exte C on the track, heightening the appeal of this amazing 2023 release. Her hypnotic verse harmonizes flawlessly with the song’s overall feel.

Prepare to be mesmerized by “She Says”‘s enchantment. Enjoy this fantastic collaboration from by streaming it. from China Charmeleon and Exte C.


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