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It’s time for us to speak the truth since they have begun to tell lies. The reality as it was captured on camera is what we have. These are videos that are indisputable.

Can the government give us alternate videos of their story if these are false? Where are the recordings made by the Lekki tollgate cameras prior to the power outage? Where are the local banks’ and other buildings’ CCTV videos?

It is also crucial to remember that the Nigerian constitution and international law, which binds Nigeria’s security services, forbid shooting at defenseless and unarmed civilians.

It is an infringement on their basic human rights. In response to innocent citizens, the #ENDSARS demonstrations got underway.
It is a violation of their fundamental human rights. The #ENDSARS protests began as a reaction to innocent civilians getting killed without reason. Is the solution to the problem a continuation of it?

The truth will always prevail.

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