DJ Tunez, a highly successful Nigerian disc jockey and serial hit maker, has just released the official video for his electrifying song, “Blessings”. This track is one of his most popular releases to date, and the accompanying video does not disappoint.

Shot in Lagos, Nigeria, the video features DJ Tunez in various vibrant settings, from a beach to a club to a rooftop. The stunning visuals perfectly match the energy of the track, and it’s clear that DJ Tunez put a lot of thought into creating an exciting visual experience.

The song itself is an uplifting anthem, with an infectious beat and smooth, melodic vocals. The message of the song is one of hope and optimism, and this message is only further emphasized by the visuals of the video.

Overall, DJ Tunez’s latest release is a resounding success and a must-watch for fans of African music. His ability to craft such a captivating and inspiring song is sure to keep listeners coming back for more. With the official video for “Blessings” now out, DJ Tunez is sure to find even more success in the months to come.

The single, which was released on the 14th of November, 2020, is a collaboration between the talented artist, Wizkid, the head of Starboy Entertainment, and Gimba. It is a unique piece of work that merges two different styles of music together, creating an incredible soundscape. The accompanying music video, directed by DK, is a visual feast that captures the energy of the track. The visuals in the video are captivating and draw the viewer in, creating a memorable experience. There is no doubt that this single is a hit and will be remembered for years to come. Wizkid and Gimba’s talents are on full display and DK’s direction is certainly a major factor in its success.

Watch the video below: