Diesel, Cooking Gas Price Hike Beyond Nigeria, Experienced In US, UK – Lai Mohammed

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has stated that the rising prices of petroleum products including petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and cooking gas in Nigeria are not limited to the country but a global problem also experienced in the United Kingdom and the United States.
He stated this at a press conference in Abuja while reacting to sundry issues confronting the nation in recent times.

Mohammed said,
“The last issue I want to address is the figures being bandied around by the folks on the other side and a section of the press, comparing the prices of some foodstuffs, petrol, diesel, etc pre-2015 and now.

“This misuse of statistics is clear mischief. Those who bandy around these figures without putting them in context are being clever by half.

“Let’s take the price of foodstuffs and petrol. Google the price of foodstuffs in other countries, especially the UK and the US, and you will discover a steep rise. Ditto for the price of gas or petrol. What we are saying is that this increase is a global trend, and it’s not limited to any country.

“Therefore, presenting it as a Nigerian problem is mischievous, disingenuous and a clear act of misinformation. Let me add that the crippling fuel shortage experienced across the country in recent times has started easing, as the measures put in place by the government begin to work.”

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