Cynthia Morgan Shares A Fascinating Story About Intercourse

Cynthia Morgan’s fascinating story about intercourse: Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan, a Nigerian songwriter and singer, whose music fusion is a combination of rap, hip hop and pop has made a fascinating statement about sex online. She is popularly known as Cynthia Morgan.

Cynthia Morgan shared a fascinating truth about sexual activity on her Instagram story. The singer, in her Instagram official post, stated that she had learned that the main purpose of copulation is reproduction.

She believes that anything else than the basic purpose of reproduction is a waste of time copulating. She continued by saying that getting intimate is only enjoyable and really fun after you’re married. So people out there, Cynthia Morgan has said it all about having an intimate relationship, so if you aren’t ready to reproduce, then don’t get intimate, and if you’re not ready for marriage then don’t reproduce.

Here’s what she said:

“I am just sincerely finding out that sex is mainly for reproduction. Other than that, it’s a waste of time. In other words, you can only really enjoy sex when you’re married”.

Cynthia Morgan in a long while hasn’t dropped any hit song at the music scene and her fans are really worried, everybody is curious to know why? Like what is really happening. We want to wish her all the best of luck in her career, and we are expecting her to storm the music scene with a hit song to blow the minds of her fans. We are guessing the title would be “Intercourse”. Just kidding.

See Her Post Below:

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