Bobrisky releases his ‘bride price’ list for intending suitors

Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky has shared his ‘bride price’ list for intending suitors.

In a recent Instagram post, Bobrisky wrote,

“100 bags of rice

Taxi money to bring the bride 100million

Money to unveil the the bride 55million

My grandma acceptance free 166million

Money for my dad to accept 100million

Acceptance fee from the elders 5m

Acceptance fee for my brothers 55million

10 cows

155 carton of malt

200 yams

My engagement ring 💍 worth ($100k)

Kolanut 100

Dry fish 1million

Alligator pepper one basket

Bitter kola 100


150 bags of salt

159 bags of sugar

200 packs of water

Basket of assorted fruit

Umbrella 🌂

Letter of my husband marriage proposal

Fee for the day from my husband 20million

Knocking of the door 5million

After all dis right i can be ur wife”

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