Nigerian singer-songwriter BNXN, formerly known by his stage name Buju, has just unveiled the official visualizer for his electrifying song “Pray.” The single was released earlier this month and has been met with much acclaim. The visualizer is a stunning piece of art that perfectly captures the spirit of the song.

The visualizer features a vibrant color palette and a beautiful set of visuals that illustrate the feeling of hope that the song conveys. The imagery is accompanied by a captivating music video that amplifies the emotions expressed in the song. It follows BNXN as he reflects on his spirituality and the power of prayer.

The song “Pray” has already been praised for its thoughtful lyrics and uplifting melody. BNXN’s remarkable vocal delivery and captivating visuals make for an unforgettable experience. The visualizer is sure to be a hit with fans, and will undoubtedly help propel the song to even greater heights.

With the release of the visualizer, BNXN has cemented his position as one of the leading voices in the Nigerian music scene. His new single “Pray” is a testament to his artistry and proves why he is deserving of the title of singer-songwriter. Fans can expect even more great music to come from BNXN in the near future.

Finally, TG Omori, a seasoned choreographer from Nigeria, directed this captivating music video.

Watch the video below: