1da Banton is a Jamaican reggae artist whose music is characterized by its conscious and uplifting lyrics. His debut single, “Nibolowa,” was released in 2021 and has since become a beloved classic among reggae fans. The track is a bouncy, reggae-dancehall fusion that is instantly recognizable for its uplifting message and catchy hook.

The song opens with a vibrant and persistent bassline that moves the track forward. The catchy hook is delivered in a sing-song style that is instantly recognizable and memorable. It is also accompanied by a combination of melodic riffs and skanking guitar chords. The lyrics of the song focus on the importance of self-empowerment and believing in oneself.

The chorus of the song features a call and response between 1da Banton and the backing vocalists. The repeating phrase, “Nibolowa, naah gi no care,” is a call to action and a reminder of the importance of standing up for oneself. The song closes with a triumphant outro featuring a combination of vocal harmonies and a powerful brass section.

Overall, “Nibolowa” is an uplifting and inspirational track from 1da Banton. Its catchy hook, vibrant production, and inspiring lyrics make it a must-listen for any reggae fan.

Nigerian music sensation and songwriter 1da Banton bursts onto the scene with the fascinating tune “Nibolowa,” showcasing his immense talent.
1da Banton, the “No Wahala” crooner, is a stunning vocalist whose captivating lyrics and powerful vocals have gained her notoriety on a global scale.

Additionally, the inspiration for this remarkable record came from his recently discovered music collection, known as the “1Da Shall Never End EP.”
In the end, if you enjoy good music, you should add this original composition to your playlist.

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