Reason Why We Shouldn’t Compare Davido To Wizkid In Terms Of Riches

The argument of who is or should be richer between Wizkid and Davido is always a valid one as points for arguments are always arising by the day. Since the inception of new and redefined hip hop music, these dudes have been dominating the field and definitely they are 2 of the most booked artistes of all time in the country

They might not always get to be called for shows tho, maybe because of the cost of hosting them tho but whenever they go out, they go all out. When we talk about riches, Wizkid is no test for Davido. He is rich though but can never be compared to David.

Here are some few reasons why I think we should not compare Davido to Wizkid in terms of riches below:- 👇

👉There is a huge difference between someone who gets rich for himself alone and someone who is always wanting to get more riches for himself and those around him. Wizkid gets rich for himself alone and spends just on himself alone but Davido gets rich for himself, family and those around him.

👉They get paid almost the same amount of money for shows but Davido gets more shows than Wizkid simultaneously. According to researches, it was made known to us that Wizkid sets standards for shows he attends and he is not easy to access. But you can get Davido to come to any show but you should know the kind of standard to make if you have someone like him coming to you show. you wont want no fuckups. For this reason, Davido might always get more shows than Davido.

👉Pacific holdings LTd is one of the top ten leading and most successful companies in the company. A company that has over 7 major companies under them. Their current worth in cash is valued at over 700 million dollars. well the good news is the company belongs to Davido’s dad and Davido is the no 6th most valuable man in the organisation which make him the Director in the organisation. I know a lot of us doubt that but you can google the Pacific Holdings LTD so you can believe better

👉Even if it’s one percent of the monthly income that is allocated to him, he still has a 100% possibility of earning more than Wizkid. I know you will find it hard to believe because you all will be saying you’ve never seen Davido dress up to go into office for ones claiming to be a director of an organisation.

👉Davido has far much more better investment than Wizkid does. He is a better record label owner than Wizkid. He has more than enough investment than Wizkid in terms of artistes and his artistes happen to be some of the best in the country currently. Wizkid has just a few and they can hardly make a song and get 1/10 the attention Davido’s artistes have. So imagine making extra money on every of his artistes whenever they get called for a show or gets endorsement deals. Wizkid has got just few.

👉Davido has more Greater and better backups of going into politics and becoming a widely accepted than Davido. because he has been know for his kind, free, and good heart towards everyone. Helping the poor and others. He invests wisely and focus on those he is supposed to. He has managed to maintain peace between his crew despite the competition between them all over becoming better than the rest. His Decision to support the PDP has been an advantage for him and has opened him to a lot of better political goodies.

There are numerous ways which we feel Davido can earn better than Wizkid. So much more. Davido is a better leader, He is a man who can manage any amount of gathering.

A good motivational speaker, and also a loyal man who does not crucify others for their past mistakes. He signed the likes of Dammy Krane, Sinzu, and Popcaan to his record label regardless of their past and made them believe they can always be a better person and make them know they can always become a better person. That’s one advantage Davido has over Wizkid. Good heart!

NOTE:- Adeleke University in Ede is not yet subsidized under the Pacific Holding LTD yet and I guess you know what that means too. The school have at least 20,000 students and the minimum fee is 350,000 per session for a student.

So back to the question 👇

Did You Know? Reason Why We Shouldn’t Compare Davido To Wizkid In Terms Of Riches.
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