‘He just left our home’ – Woman cries out after her husband of 30 years dumped her for not having a male child

A 56-year-old mother of five girls was left heartbroken when her husband suddenly abandoned her after 30 years of marriage, because she had not given him a son to continue his family name.

Thembeni Khuboni from KwaMancinza in KZN South Africa, said her husband, Simon, started acting strangely early last year.

Thembeni said in the middle of 2018, Simon told her he wanted her to give him a son.

“I told him I couldn’t. I have five daughters with him and he was happy before. Now suddenly he wants a son. I told him I can’t do that,” she told Daily Sun ZA

According to Thembeni,after she told her husband she didn’t want a 6th child, he left the house but not before telling her he would find a woman who could give him a son.

“In September, he came home with a photo of a baby he had with his nyatsi. Unfortunately, the baby is also a girl,” she said.

When the Sun contacted him, Simon said he was not the first man to want a son to continue his line.

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