“End Time Is Fast Approaching” Says Evangelist Anne Graham

Billy Graham’s daughter, evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, has warned that the United States is quickly “disintegrating into anger, anarchy, division” and said she believes God is in the process of removing His hand of blessing from the country.

The author and founder of AnGel Ministries, who previously said that the end times are fast approaching, told The Biblical Recorder on Monday that the U.S. desperately needs God – but doesn’t seem to realize it.

“We need God. Our nation is unraveling … disintegrating into anger, anarchy, division,” she said. “The polarization seems to be paralyzing our government. There seems to be little civil discourse
and lots of chaos and confusion. At the same time, we are being threatened by terrorists who are dedicated to destroying us.”

She added, “As a nation, we seem to have lost our identity. We are one nation, under God. Not just anygod. But the living God. The Creator. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Father of Jesus Christ.”

The Christian author said that while America’s motto is “In God We Trust,” “in our rhetoric, our political correctness, our desire to be inclusive and tolerant, and even in some of our legislation, we are rejecting the God of our fathers, abandoning His moral laws, principles, and values.”

“God clearly warns us that if we forsake Him, He will forsake us. I believe God is in the process of removing His hand of blessing from America,” she added.

To counter, this, Lotz encouraged believers to pray tirelessly: “God has promised to hear us, forgive us and heal us on the condition that we pray. Therefore prayer is essential. It is not an option, it is a necessity,” she said.

Last year, the popular evangelist suggested God may be purposefully hiding himself in preparation for a coming judgment on the nation.

“Our nation is in a mess. Why? Could it be because America is losing God’s blessing? His favor. Could our sin be provoking His judgment? Judgment that is not necessarily in the form of a nuclear dirty bomb, or another ISIS attack, or an economic collapse. But a Romans 1 judgment as God backs out of our national life and turns us over to ourselves,” she wrote on her website.

She referenced the Old Testament story in which God destroyed the nation of Judah because it continued to become more disobedient and more “wicked,” choosing immorality and idolatry.

“God warns a nation that judgment is coming. He doesn’t want any to perish. But if a nation does not heed His warnings, He unleashes His anger and there is nothing – no one – who can prevent it. If God would judge His own beloved nation of Judah, why would we think America could escape?” Lotz asked.

“So … if we are coming under the judgment of God – if He is giving us over to ourselves, removing His blessing, protection, and favor – the solution will not be found in politics or the economy or the military or technology,” she continued.

“The solution will be found on our knees as we humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, and repent of our sin. Then plead for Him to return to us as we return to Him.”

Lotz lamented that many of the prayers and calls for repentance within the Church today are more a “rending of garments” and an “outward show to impress.”

“Only God knows those who are rendering their hearts as they seek Him. But I am led to ask myself … how truly serious am I about seeking God on behalf of our nation? When was the last time I fasted and wept and mourned and confessed the sin of our nation as though it were my own? I believe the future of America hangs on the answer to that question,” she said.

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